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Give your assistant a personality

Set up a custom name, email, and signature for your assistant.

Works at @your-domain

Supports custom emails on your domain from all major providers.

Slack notifications

Get notified in your channel when an appointment is confirmed.

Calendar invitations

Email links to all major online calendar platforms to your guests.

Preferred locations

Set up addresses to help your assistant schedule meetings.

Audio, video, in-person

Supports all different types of online and offline meetings.

Automated follow ups

Send email nudges and reminders for appointments and tasks.

Generate new leads

Find contacts based on company domains and auto-email them.

Templated replies

Automatically reply to common queries over email.

Available times

Sets up appointments when you're free based on your calendar.

Across timezones and languages

Sends calendar invitations and emails in local time and language.

Personalized link

Get a personal webpage to let guests book a time.